ACT II, Scene 1

A room in the private apartment of Amneris

The slave girls are helping Amneris prepare for the triumphal celebrations to follow in Scene 2. Most of this scene is between Amneris and Aida. To see Aida's reaction, Amneris claims that Radames was killed in battle. Aida: "I shall weep forever." Amneris angrily says: "I have read in your heart, you love him...yes, you love him...but, I love him."

ACT II, Scene 2

One of the gates to the city of Thebes

This grand scene is the centerpiece of the opera, and about as grand as opera gets. It is a celebration and processional with dance, with on-stage music, and a dramatic surprise. The king offers his daughter Amneris in marriage to the victor, Radames.

Continue the scene in a performance from Verona.

Tim Cordell: 2 October 2013