Banks of the Nile

The night before the proposed wedding, Amneris goes to the Temple of Isis to pray. Aida and Radames have a secret rendezvous. Aida's father, Amonasro pressures her into getting Radames to reveal the road that the Egyptians will use before another battle with Ethiopia.

In a solo aria, Aida remembers the homeland that she will never see again.

Aida has two important duets in Act III. The first is a father-daughter duet that is a key moment when Amonasro puts great pressure on Aida to get important military information from Radames. The second duet is with Radames. He reveals to Aida the important road that the soldiers will take in a battle with Ethiopia, the Gorge at Napata. Amonasro hears the secret, and Radames becomes a traitor to his country.

Duet: Aida and Amonasro

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Tim Cordell: 8 October 2013