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This is the home page of my responsive website. The site contains personal essays on operas and opera composers, a sample of my book, personal information, and some uses of web technology appropriate for music classes.

With the advent of smartphones and tablets, some web designers are using "responsive" designs. Simply put, the content "responds" to whatever screen size is in use by the person viewing the pages. This makes it possible to have a single version of a website, as compared to having several versions specific to numerous devices that are always changing.

The site contains things personal, the family photo for example, and other information related to my Ph.D. research and interests, as well as teaching experiences and memories of students and friends. In honor of 200 years since the birth year of both Verdi and Wagner, I have written about each.

While teaching at Edinboro University of Pennsylvania, I taught at least one section of Intro to Music each semester. After many years teaching that course and after administrative work related to first year students, I decided to write my own book. In it I developed a set of skills that I call "listener actions." The title of the book is "Encounters with Music Through Listener Actions."

The "memories" category is a work in progress—much to come, so please visit again!

Updated 4 June 2014